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November Monthly Meeting


There was a good turn out of members this month, but unfortunately V-Flora could not make this venue, so a lot of disappointed members.  But as usual our chairman David came to the rescue and provided us with a talk on Pests.  Before he did this he gave one of our members a little surprise, music was put on and happy birthday was played then he got Dennis Self up in front of everyone and presented with a birthday cake and candles it was his 80th birthday the day before, a most enjoyable moment for Dennis. We were told that when we had tea there would be cakes for all the members as well. Very nice little thought David.   David went on to talk about pests in the green house or on your orchids in the house.

Scale, Red spider mite were mostly mentioned, what to use, and how to do it. He said the Provado Spray was what most people said they were pleased with in getting them under control. Others use Metholated spirits, stemetic cepticide, neeme oil, you can also hang up the sticky yellow strips they are good for collecting all the little tiny flies and insects.  When buying these bug killers look on the containers and make sure that they are for what you want to eradicate, as they are so many that only do

certain bugs.

Also, when you go to buy orchids, check before that they do not have bugs on them, as they can cause you big problems if they go un-noticed especially after putting them in with your other orchids that might be free from any bugs. We ended up with show table winner, tea and cakes and the raffle.











December Christmas Meeting


This was our party night once more.  We had a good show of members and lots of food for everyone to nibble at, tea and coffee was also served.

David our chairman as his usual self had made up sheets of paper for

everyone with questions on and you had to try and get the right answers

whoever got the most got a prize, not so easy as some of us found out. Next we had more questions but this time we had just letters that you had think what they stood for, it took some doing.   Afterwards parcels were

distributed round the tables with numbers on them you had to feel each parcel or packet to see what you thought was inside it and write it down by the number on your sheet, this is a very good game and everybody was

thoroughly enjoying it. Winner gets a prize. Music was playing in the background to make the night more enjoyable.

Our show table ,had lots of lovely plants on it that  were bought in by our members and Fran Munford won, with his plant Coelogyne Fimbriata.

 A photo competition was also being held  and David had asked   Nick and Becky he knew that use to work at a camera shop in our local town till it closed, to do                                         the judging.  Judging took place and a winner was announced and to my surprise my picture was picked. I was given a prize of a cup from Rhodes very nice indeed. John Elsden came second.

Raffle took place, everyone had wrapped the gifts they bought in which made it more fun as you did not know what was in the gift you won















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