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Robin† McDonald Speaker from November Meeting


The Speaker Robin McDonald from the November meeting would like to say thank you for the warm welcome to our meeting , and to the people who bought some of her divisions.† The plants of Coelogyne

prolifera are rather rare in cultivation. The mother plant was acquired from Colin Howe in 2003.† It is mounted and now expands to 15ins. X 12ins. The two pieces she brought had broken off the main plant in error.

This species grows as an epiphyte in Nepal, Bhutan, Burma, China and Thailand at rather high altitudes.† The flowers are bright yellow but very small.† One important feature is they re-flower on the same spike, so do not remove the stem after flowering.. Further flowers will appear on the same inflorescence.



Donít Let The Wife buy the Orchid.

An, article sent in by one of our members hope you enjoy it.

Two weeks ago my wife wanted to buy a friend of hers an orchid.† I have plenty of Phalaenopsis she could have had, but said she would like to buy one.† So off we went to Huntington Garden Centre, she found a small Phalaenopsis and purchased it.† I held it all the way home as so not to knock any flowers or buds off.† I took it in my greenhouse and watered it and there it stood for a week before my wifeís friend returned home from her sons.† I thought I had better give it a feed before we took it to her.† When I had it in the sink unit to deliver some feed,† I didn't think it looked right in some way, two flowers were upside down and the plant stems didnít come out of the plant.† So after a good feel we found out it to be plastic I had to cut a plant from my collection and pot it quickly, I have only messed about with Orchids for thirty to forty years so I do† have an excuse for this mistake. When my wife bought the orchid she was about to ask a member of staff for a cultural leaflet but luckily enough he disappeared.

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