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Hello everyone I’m Trevor Tuck And I would like to tell you about my Orchids I exhibited this year. I love the market towns Horticultural shows

In which I exhibit my orchids.  This year started well for me at the Cromer and district show where the class for orchids required 3 of any varieties and I entered I Miltoniopsis and 2 Phalaenopsis, which won 1st prize, but better still the Miltoniopsis was awarded best exhibit in the flowers and vegetables section. 

Early in the year I called at V Flora and purchased a Vanda which is beautiful purple but it was then going over, although it kept flowering for about three weeks.  The only Vanda  I had previously grown was a motley specimen I purchased at a garden centre which was reduced from £45 to £2!  The assistant said it would die but I gave it a try.  Unfortunately she was right so I’ve proved that you can be too old to learn!  My V Flora Vanda was given a place on our south facing window sill and moved into the room each night.  At the beginning of June I noticed a new shoot and from then on I was like a broody hen, checking on it several times a day.  By the end of July I had 7 buds and the first one to flower was a staggering 6inches across.  On the day of the Sheringham Carnival show, 6th August, it had 6 flowers open, 1 almost open and a bud. I was over the moon when it won 1st prize.

Next up was Oulton Broad and Lowestoft show which is a huge show in a large marquee at the Pontins Holiday Village at Pakefield. I entered 3 Phalaenopsis in one class and the Vanda in the single class with very stiff competition and both won 1st prizes plus these prizes helped me to win a huge cup for the second year running.  The last show for the pot plants was at Fakenham with a large entry.  Once again I won 1st prize with the VANDA.  When I arrived there for the prize giving there were people all around my lovely plant and I became busy telling them about how I nurtured it. The venue for the show was Fakenham garden centre and a lady told me that the staff had all been looking at it.  They sell hundreds of orchids every year and it seems they were very impressed with mine.

Last year I won several 1st prizes with a Phalaenopsis but it missed the shows this year as it is only coming back into bud.


Trevor Tuck.

Trevors Winning Plants











Growing to Succeed”

We all grow orchids for different reasons. Some of us grow purely for the flowers others for the variegated leaves, and others for the challenge.

No matter the reason we grow it gives us in its own way a great amount of pleasure.

But growing is not ‘the be all to end all’ but end is what happens every so often and by end I mean the death of a plant. For years you may have seen a plant grow and flower then for some small change you make you finish up killing it, but you do not see the reason why. Another example is

growing a plant for years and never seeing it flower, again why?

There is no real secret to growing orchids but there are secrets used by others to encourage growth and flowering and it is these secrets we must find out and learn. Listen to others and how they grow, hear what they have to say to encourage flowering. Use the internet, books and to a

certain extent trial and error, trust your own judgement and do not be afraid to say you have made a mistake and try to correct it.

Plants and orchids in particular are a hardy bunch but we tend to molly coddle them, even today we give them to much TLC and yet we have all the knowledge of those past to draw on but we do not seem to make best advantage of it.

Now is the time to make a change, a change in the way you think and do things with your orchids and the change is simple. Just say to yourself I am “Growing to Succeed” and work to this end, be it in keeping a plant alive or growing it to a flowering specimen.

Think compost, think feed, think light, think heat, and think watering but “Grow to Succeed”


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