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 Trip To A Garden Centre


Dave and myself read in our local paper there was to be an orchid display in Baytrees Garden centre on the 2nd and 3rd March. So when Sunday arrived a last minute decision was made, sandwiches were packed up along with drinks. Off we went to Baytrees at Western just outside Spalding, Lincolnshire.  We did not know who was displaying the orchids but we were soon about to find out. On entering the building where all the indoor flowers are we were amazed to see it was the Lincolnshire Orchid Group doing it.  They had a wonderful display and lots of interest from people coming in. Tony, Liz and Steve were answering questions and discussing the orchids to interested parties. Liz was there to do any re-potting for people who did not know how they should be doing it.























After having a look around the garden centre, we headed off to Springfield's for a stroll round the shops, that was very busy there too.

 In all we had a good day out and the weather was quite nice too. Never brought any plants this time Baytrees had lots there, but also, I have no room in the greenhouse to put them.








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May 2013



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